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Attention WELBOURNE MANOR residents:



Welbourne Manor Homeowners' Association Management Company


Stonegate Property Management

Chris Novak Chris.Novak@spmhoa.com
2320 Grandview Drive, Suite 101
Ft. Mitchell, KY  41017

Phone: (859)534-0900



 To access your Welbourne Manor resident Stonegate account click here.


 When choosing colors for painting the exterior of your house: We have all of the color schemes allowed to be used in the neighborhood contained in a binder located at Sherwin-Williams on Cincinnati-Dayton Road near Walmart.  In addition, several board members also have a copy of the binder.  Please consult one of these binders when choosing your paint colors.


Welbourne Manor HOA Exterior Paint Schemes/Colors

(PDF file)



Please note:  Are you planning any significant landscaping or exterior building/painting/repair projects?  Please consult the Welbourne Manor covenant before you begin, to insure you are making decisions that are in accordance with the neighborhood rules.  Please use the Modification Approval form located on the Forms and Documents page to submit your project for approval.  Please send modification requests to modifications@welbournemanor.org to submit your completed forms or if you have any questions. 




Please note that almost all construction activity will require the issuance of a Zoning Permit PRIOR TO STARTING CONSTRUCTION.  This includes, but is not limited to new construction, fences, pools, decks, additions, pergolas, gazebos, sheds, garages, pole barns, remodels, basement finish, anything related to commercial, home occupations, and the like.  The Zoning Department processes Zoning Permits for homeowners, developers, builders and contractors.  With the exclusion of fences and sheds (less than 200 sq. ft.), all applications that come through the Liberty Township Zoning Department must then be taken to the Butler County Building Department for the application of a building permit.


Please contact the Zoning Department at 513-759-7500 or visit the Zoning Department web page at liberty-township.com for more info.




Need paint for your mailbox and/or lamp post?


Please  contact Russell DeJarnatt at 513-779-6752 or you can purchase your own.  



Porter Paint formula


Acri-Pro 100





                         Wal-Mart formula:


The paint is Wal-Mart's COLORPLACE brand.  


To one quart of 'medium base' semi-gloss exterior paint, add these three colorants:  B - 13; C - 14; and I (that's an eye) - 17 1/2.   (The numbers after the letters are the quantities of colorant.)  


Price is around $12 a quart, fully homogenized.




Welbourne Manor is on Facebook!  


In order to view the Welbourne Manor Facebook page you must first have a Facebook account and be a current resident of Welbourne Manor.  There is no charge and it is easy to set up.  Just click HERE to go to the Welbourne Manor page and click on the "Request to Join" button or do a search in Facebook for Welbourne Manor then click on the "Request to Join" button.  Please note: The Welbourne Manor Facebook page is administrated by Welbourne Manor residents and is not an official communication vehicle of the Welbourne Manor HOA.







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